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The Republic of Farlane

Region: Liberalia
Motto: "Much Done, Much More to do!"
Map: Deceased
Language|Official Language(s): English
Capital: Cork
Population: Deceased
Currency: Farlane Pound
Leader: Farlane
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML

Farlane was one of the most influential and important figures in Liberalian history. The second Moderate Party member to be elected as Prime Minister, Farlane presided over a crucial period in the history of the region, and worked hard on behalf of all Liberalians. Farlane's early career in Liberalia involved him as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, which was then the equivilent of a fully-fledged ministry. Farlane's actions in the Moderate Party drew the attention of many, and he replaced Carops as Moderate Party candidate in the March 2006 Elections. The electoral result was as follows:

Positions held by Farlane:

Former Prime Minister of Liberalia (March-May 2006) Former Foreign Minister of Liberalia (January-March 2006, May-June 2006) Former Director of Public Prosecutions (May-June 2006) Former Secretary of Justice (June-July 2006) Former Permanent Guardian (June-July 2006)


Farlane was the second most-popular Prime Minister in Liberalian history upon election, after Random Textbox Inputs. His landslide victory conveyed the massive support and respect he commanded from Liberalians everywhere, and also showed their faith in his policies. Farlane soon took Liberalia in a new direction in its foreign policy. The region accepted WWSETI and Northern Sushi's Isles of A Better World as its protectorates, although these two regions were to be a source of great trouble during Farlane's term. The turmoil began as a result of the re-appearance of CTR as "Typing," as his establishment of the WWSETI Independence Party, which he used to attack Liberalia's "imperialist" policies in regards to WWSETI. This was continued when the WWSETI Independence Party received more members from the Hagge regime, which Liberalia had fought to secure its independence. The trouble that this caused led to two schools of thought appearing in the region, one headed by Carops suggesting that Liberalia leave WWSETI to itself immediately, and another headed by Farlane himself suggesting that doing this would hand a victory to CTR and the troublemakers. Following division in the Moderate Party over the protectorates policy, and criticism of Farlane, somewhat unfairly, from all sides, the decision was taken to relieve Liberalia of the responsibility of governing and protecting WWSETI. The protectorate was then handed over to become a "Personal project" of Farlane and a number of Liberalians, who maintained control unofficially of the region of WWSETI as a separate entity from Liberalia. However, this itself led to a major diplomatic incident with the Global Right Alliance, who regarded the Liberalians in WWSETI as invaders, before taking the region for themselves and making it a protectorate of the GRA.

When Farlane ended his term, it was as Liberalia's second and most successful PM until that point. He had kept the region together, despite major fractures over different policies and ideals, and also managed to expand Liberalia's influence in the NS world. His term ended, however, with Liberalia's most fiercely-contested election ever, in which the Moderate and Capitalist Parties squared off in a long and bitter campaign, which eventually saw Carops re-elected as Prime Minister. In the next administration, Farlane was made Foreign Minister and expanded the foreign embassy programme, while also remaining vigilant to threats to the region. Farlane also became Director of Public Prosecutions, after that post was created by new laws. He was responsible for the conviction of numerous criminals in the region, but was heavily criticised by figures such as Julio Trigman for complying with the requests of the government. Trigman alleged that whenever the Carops government wanted somebody convicted, Farlane would arrange a biased trial for them. However, despite Guardian Council investigations, no evidence could be found to prove this.

Throughout his time in Liberalia, Farlane was revered for his reasoning and honesty. It was for this reason that he was elected as a permanent member of the Guardian Council in June 2006. Farlane carried out his judicial duties as he did all his other duties, with an admirable spirit of diligence and self-sacrifice. He continued to fight Liberalia's enemies until the very end, and when he left the region for a number of reasons, it dawned on all that we had lost somebody who could not be replaced and who deserved our thanks.

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